Glass partition & DOORS

Glass partition is a concept to divide the available large space in to convenient and desired partitions. Various partition angels are achieved with the glass partition concept with the help of toughened glass. The process of glass partition is designed by architecture based on the purpose and convenient of the end users. Large scopes of commercial and residential spaces can be segments as glass partition. Glass partition concept involves fixed toughened glass and toughened glass doors using glass hardware. Glass partition can be reused for other suitable location with the help of technically sound glass partition teams like glass decors.

Glass partition plays vital role in commercial interior partition can be incorporated in major corporate interior locations for greater advantage of the corporate world. Glass partition concepts can be used to create separate cabins, rooms and halls. Acoustic glass rooms can be build with glass partition using various glass thickness. Glass partition concept creates privacy and individuality to the end users providing complete convenient and ambience. Comparing to the other partition concepts glass partition concept saves more spaces for utility. Glass partition can be easily renovated in to any desired design concepts in interior. .

Glass partition concept are cost effective and very economical compared with any other concepts of this type. Nature of the design work in glass partition can be achieved in less time and more convenient way. Movable walls can be done with glass partition concept.Toughened glass gives best safety measures when it comes to accidental breakage by scattering like crystals. Toughened glass always eco friendly when it brakes and the broken pieces can be recycled and can be processes for glass making.Toughened glass play very important role in the field of glass work as being major component and flexability of toughened glass make it very easy for the glass fabricaters to brink any design in the book. Toughened glass is one of the most advanced invention in the field of glass partition.


Patch fittings are a frameless glass concept, which evolved as modern interior and exterior design option for commercial and residential projects. Patch fittings concepts are a collaboration of toughened glass and glass architectural hardware. Patch fittings frameless concepts have various types like frameless glass doors, frameless fixed glass, Over panel glass with different design options like top and bottom patch fittings, top patch fittings bottom insert and top and bottom inserted to the floor and roof respectively. Patch fittings needs best support from the civil engineering both in the top and bottom

In patch fittings concept silicon sealants are used in between the segment toughened glasses to act as a cushion between the glass panels. Toughened glasses are fabricated for patch fittings concept with tailor made glasses. Cutouts and holes are provided to fix the glass architectural hardware patch fittings. Frameless patch fittings glass doors act as security control in major interior and exterior glass partitions. In patch fittings doors many hardware are used like top patch fittings, bottom patch fittings, patch fittings lock, patch fittings clamps and lock. Any glass design can be made with the help of frameless patch fittings mainly used for glass partition work in interior and exterior projects. Patch fittings providers solid strength and durability for glass partition work based on architecture designs in modern office partitions.

In patch fittings architectural hardware are made of forged brass and 316 stainless steel cover plates. Patch fittings is the best solution available till date with many designing options available for the architecture and interior designers. Glass partition work is one of the premier replacement for all other partition works. Appart from wall glass partition,glass partition can be also used as roof partition and floor partition works involving various hardware designs and models to suit almost all the dream designs. In near future glass partition work will dominate all rest of the partition work and the complete building can be glass made with the emerge of glass partition concept.

Shower Enclosures

Glass partition meant to attain and enjoy difference between Dry and wet areas inside bathrooms. Glass shower enclosure to cover showering area with 90/180/135 degree pentagon dimensional partitions with 8mm toughened glass of 2000mm standard height.

For the shower enclosure openings either swing or sliding door designs can be applied to serve the purpose, design, convenient and budget.